Trusted Counsel to Colleges and Universities Nationwide

In today’s world, higher education has become big business. As an administrator at a college or university, you face an overwhelming variety of potential legal concerns:

  • How do you protect the university’s interests in scientific or technological research and development?
  • How do you avoid challenges by students or their families regarding fair access to financial aid or admissions?
  • How do you deal with professors or staff in employment matters, from tenure to sexual harassment?
  • How do you ensure that, as you expand facilities to meet new demands, you protect the interests of the university?

At Skinner Law Group, we take the same proactive approach to the representation of universities and colleges that we do with all our clients. We will immediately conduct a thorough evaluation of their needs and take timely measures to safeguard their interests.

We offer an uncommon blend of large-firm experience and small-firm accessibility. Though our attorneys have represented major national and international clients and have successfully practiced with some of the biggest firms in the country, we maintain a small law office so that we can provide the highest levels of personal service and attention.

Our Higher Education Law Practice

In our higher education law practice, we offer proactive counsel to universities and colleges, addressing a broad range of legal controversies, including:

  • Labor and employment disputes, addressing all types of controversies with professors or other staff members, from tenure disputes to allegations of breach of contract, from sexual harassment or discrimination claims to wage and hour disputes
  • Admissions and accreditation challenges
  • Student issues, from disciplinary proceedings to diversity requirements or access to financial aid
  • First Amendment and privacy issues on campus
  • Corporate governance
  • Sponsored research and technology transfers
  • Campus expansion, including real estate transactions