Providing Companies and Individuals with Tax Solutions

At our firm, we combine the breadth of experience and resources you typically find only at a large law firm with the accessibility and personal service available only in a small law practice. Our attorneys have successfully practiced with some of the largest firms in the country and counseled major national and international clients. We have intentionally kept our practice small, though, so that we are available to answer your crucial questions.

Our Tax Law Practice

We aggressively represent clients on a broad range of tax issues, specializing in state and local tax matters. Our practice includes:

  • Tax Controversies and Audits - We advocate for clients at every stage of a tax audit. Our firm has the ability to provide seamless representation from pre-audit through trial and appeals.
  • Jurisdictional Review - We work with businesses and individuals to determine whether they have sufficient connections (or “nexus”) with a state such that they are required to file a tax return in that state. Should a filing responsibility be discovered, we can help get their business into compliance through voluntary disclosure agreements or other remedies.
  • Tax Processes and Internal Controls - We will help put measures in place to proactively respond to and address all potential tax matters to help mitigate future audit exposure.
  • Research and Planning - We can provide taxability guidance and tax planning to give visibility to the tax consequences of business strategies and to help plan operations in a tax efficient manner.
  • Tax Guidance For Aircraft Purchases - A potential major cost of an aircraft purchase is sales or use tax. Sales and use tax applicability is not uniform across the states, so as mobile property, sales tax may be avoided or reduced on an aircraft purchase by executing the transaction in a jurisdiction with no tax or an applicable tax exemption. Sales tax typically can be avoided on the purchase of the aircraft with the proper documentation, transaction type and delivery conditions. However, use tax after the purchase is influenced primarily on the state where the aircraft is based as well as where and how it is used. We can provide sales and use tax guidance, documentation and guidelines to plan an aircraft purchase and ongoing operation in both a sales tax and use tax efficient manner.